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Feb 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
on to the on board laboratory for analysis. the rock may hold evidence of a long-lost wet environment on the planet. it could take days or weeks to get results back from curiosity's lab. >>> let's check in with rob. it's weird looking at those pictures of what's going on in the east coast. we have a glorious day. >> it's a nice reversal of fortune. it's a lot of sunshine after two days of spotty showers, low snow levels. after that our weather is looking really quite dry. outside now 55 degrees in san jose. 60 in morgan hill. 52 in san francisco. so we've had a lot of sunshine today. not a warm afternoon, though, with that chilly, dry air dropping in out of the north. wins have been out of the north in the hilltops which has helped to dry out the air more and set the stage for a chilly night tonight. wind-protected valleys in the 30s tonight. tomorrow, temperatures will come up a couple more degrees. the seven-day forecast, during what is typically the wettest and snowiest time of year for northern california looks quite dry. the radar looking quiet now. it will stay that way for a while. high pres
Feb 10, 2013 5:00pm PST
oakland one of the most complex policing environments in the u.s. >> the police can make a difference if they are focused and they're passionate and they're out there on the streets. if they have a presence. >> reporter: the homicide rate in oakland reached a six-year crime and violence jumped 23%. burglaries were up even more than that. and wasserman was telling the people about the broken windows theory which is a way of focusing on minor crime as a way of prevery muching major crimes. the audience is listening intently. we hope to get some reaction when the meeting ends in a little while. nbc bay area news. >>> thank you. people in the northeast are digging out after that massive blizzard and others are finally getting where they need to go by plane and train after days and days. >> reporter: they're the sounds of a chilly clean-up echoed all across new england. >> a lot of work. >> reporter: work that is stretching into a second day as road crews fan out across the region. at its height, the blizzard dumps more than three feet of snow in some areas. today a caravan of plows are wo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2